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Bouncefor Roblox
Fan engagement tools that transform play into brand impact, powering next-level Roblox marketing.

Fan Engagement tools for game-changers

Experience how Bounce for Roblox elevates fan engagement, transforming every interaction into a brand-building adventure.

Enter Bounce Castle - Interactive Demo

Embark on quests in our demo for exclusive access and rewards, and experience the excitement Bounce adds to Roblox adventures.

Complete the quests below to unlock exclusive rewards inside Roblox, and follow in-game missions to claim off-platform perks.

Get questing and earn rewards
3. refer a friend to unlock an item upgrade

Craft innovative experiences

Loot, Lounges, Level-ups: Bounce's Brand Boosters

Elevate your Roblox presence with Bounce's Fan SDK, crafting memorable brand interactions that captivate, reward and retain fans.

iconExclusive Spaces

Unlock exclusive access to unique spaces for dedicated fans, from virtual first-class lounges to front-row seats, fueling digital FOMO and elevating the VIP experience in your Roblox world.

iconDyamic items & UGCs

Offer fan-exclusive items and UGC Limiteds that showcase your brand across games and places. Employ upgrades for campaigns that adapt over time and variants to mirror physical products.

iconIn-Game Missions

Craft and track in-game missions, aligning player engagement with your brand's goals. Reward their achievements with in-game items and off-platform perks like claim codes and special offers.

iconCross-Place Collabs

Our collaboration features let you embed your brand into popular Roblox spaces, tapping existing fan bases with custom rewards and quests that extend brand reach without building from scratch.

Maximize Roblox ROI

Fun is the new funnel: turn plays into profit

Bounce equips you with essential tools to boost brand awareness and engage next-gen consumers. Integrate Roblox into a multi-channel strategy and turn play into measurable success.

iconFan Lead Generation

Capture quality leads across channels, effortlessly linking with your marketing tools to funnel player engagement into tangible customer acquisition.

socialsemailSMSCRM & MAP integration

iconEngagement Insights

Access detailed views of campaign effectiveness on Roblox. Tailor your approach with engagement profiles to drive playtime and reduce drop-off.

Play metricsCampaign KPIsEngagement profiles

iconLoyalty & Community

Strengthen loyalty by integrating Bounce with your community & loyalty programs. Offer status-based experiences and rewards to attract and retain customers.

SalesforceSalesforceDiscordDiscordProgram integration

iconReferral Programs

Turn fans into brand ambassadors and promote word-of-mouth referrals with rewards that cultivate social proof and enhance discoverability.

LeaderboardsCampaign portalRobloxIn-game referrals

iconLinked Product-Experience

Link physical purchases to Roblox rewards and digital achievements to real-world perks, completing the loop between in-game activities and your IRL business.

Bounce Link TagShopifyShopifySquareSquareBounce Portal

iconCross-Place Campaigns

Embed your brand in top Roblox experiences, offering mutual fan benefits and tracking success across collaborative and multi-place campaigns.

RobloxCollab SDKMulti-place campaigns


Tranform brand play today


Connect with us to explore bespoke campaign development options and discover how Bounce can transform your Roblox experiences.